Will Jones' Space Adventures and the Money Formula Teacher's Resource Pack

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Paperback Version

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The Will Jones Resource Pack adds to the adventures and learning which enriches the life skills of children through fun and adventure. This is proactive Resource Pack in learning how to build money management skills.

From the Children who have acted in the play

‘This is a very well written book. I very much like the language the author uses. It’s not too hard to understand and not too easy which would make it boring. The book never gets dull, it is always exciting. I just want to turn the pages. I would recommend this book for ages 6
– 10 years. This is a very exciting, adventure book.’

Emma Selwood

‘I thought this was a really good book, and it made me think about how I use my money, and how to make my money last until I need it. For
my evaluation I’ll give it 8/10.’

Ashlie Phillipson


Format:      Paperback          Size:          14.8cm x 21cm (A4)

Pages:        57                        Word Count:        5,496


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