Healing & Wellbeing from Flowers & Plants [Paperback]

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Essential oils are gaining more respect and a greater use by the world population. Many people are now turning to alternative medicines and remedies. This informative book has over 40 colourful illustrations of the flower and plants spoken about in the production of essential oils.

The author gives a description of the powerful healing properties and the benefits gained when using the chosen oil.

Learning how to breathe properly helps in healing – when breathing properly is understood and using essential oils to aid healing, it creates a powerful positive combination to health and wellbeing.

The book also contains three poems entitled: ‘Flowers,’ ‘Eucalyptus’ and ‘Oranges & Lemons’.
Oranges have unique properties for healing and wellbeing, the author also gives out her recipe for making, Orange & Lemon Marmalade.

This is a book that is uniquely different.
Christine Thompson-Wells

Format:      Paperback          Illustrations:           40  

Pages:        61         Word Count:      11,766


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