Devils in our Food [Paperback]

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This reference book reveals the unpalatable side of foods you & your children consume every day.

Sugar          Salt             Trans Fats            Additives             Chemicals  Caffeine     Petroleum-based Food Treatments

Have you ever noticed how children get excited by the thought of eating lollies? The sugar isn’t even in their systems and they’re bubbling with joy. Their eyes widen, their expressions carry anticipation and they’ll suddenly become compliant with a parent’s wishes prior to consuming the prize. All that and the sweetness hasn’t even danced on their tongues.

Or has it?

Additionally, have you noticed when a cellophane/foil wrapper is crackled, children suddenly appear out of nowhere because they associate the sound with a salty delight? Just as with sugar, there’s anticipation on their faces and expectation in their eyes because they know the pleasing sensation of munching chips is about to be experienced.

Human physiology has muscle memory. The mention of sweets and the sound of crackling foil prompt a conditioned response of impending pleasure. We are subjected to this from the day we are born through the sweetness of breast milk and the packaged foods we consume in our first months of life.

Now look around at our western culture. Frankly… we’re fat and unhealthy. The pleasing over-stimulation of our tastebuds has resulted in us demanding more stimulation. It’s affordable. It’s plentiful. It’s available.

And it’s riddled with additives which enhance the sensation we crave more of.

These additives come with a cost. We are conditioning our offspring to accept them as normal and along with this comes alarming rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer, dementia, high blood pressure and multiple behavioural issues.

We’re becoming Food Junkies

Devils in Our Food lays bare the links between the foods and food additives we eat and the dangerous effects we are exposing ourselves and our children to. It’s a handy reference tool so you can make informed decisions in the supermarket and keep your family safe.

Christine Thompson-Wells

Format:      Paperback          Size:          A5 14.8cm x 21cm

Pages:        441         Word Count:      75,998      



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