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Understand why the food eaten or drinks swallowed can alter behaviours in children, teenagers and adults.

Discover the food value of the food you buy. Learn about the hidden additives that have become part of our everyday life when we go to buy our food. Explore the food chemistry and the additives now put into thousands of food products sold throughout the world. Understand that most additives are devils with only a few angels sprinkled in between. Learn the long-term possibilities that could be the food habits for future generations.

By identifying the additive, you can become aware and ask the right questions of food manufacturers.

From 2002, manufacturers are allowed to put up to 5% of additive into their manufactured food products. These additives do not have to be declared on the ingredient label. With this regulation, many additives can be added without the consumer becoming aware; this lack of information could and does lead to adverse effects on behaviour and brings about health problems.

Chapter 1 – Sugar – The devil in sugar. Understand processed sugars become an acid, a poison and an empty carbohydrate; this leads to obesity, poor health and death.
Chapter 2 – Trans fats – The devil in trans fats. Understand how synthetic trans fats are developed, and how the molecule containing trans fat can accumulate in the human body and brain leading to ill health and death.
Chapter 3 – Salt, caffeine, (synthetic caffeine) and rice – The devils. Understand how fast flowing table salt is a product of crude oil flakes and now a standard ingredient in manufactured children’s and processed food. Understand caffeine added drinks are bought by many teenagers on their way to school and how these products impact on their behaviour and learning outcomes. Understand that many families eat rice as part of their daily diet. Arsenic levels in rice products can vary substantially leading to ill health, stomach cancer and death.
Chapter 4 – Food additives – The devils of food additives. Additive numbers go from 100-1522. Most additives are dangerous and poisonous to the human system. Understand the additive number and what it does to your health before buying the product. By reading this book, you will gain the information required to make informed choices
Chapter 5 – Our DNA – The devils of additives and our DNA – Science tells us, through manufacturing and manipulation within the food industry, some of the manipulated molecules of additives can never leave our body. This may affect future human DNA.

Christine Thompson-Wells

Format:      Paperback          Size:          A5 14.8cm x 21cm

Pages:        441         Word Count:      75,998      



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