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A’ Must Have’ book if you are thinking of investing money in a business or if you are in a sales or thinking of going into sales as a career move.

The Author covers many areas often missed by conventional education – and writers on the subject. She speaks from the knowledge of having done it, ‘been there and experienced the

Because of the lightness in the words spoken, it gives the reader a greater understanding of how the selling process works.

The book covers: Crafting the Written Message – A necessary need for all people in business, Advertising, Newsletter Writing, Start-Up Funds and explains the all important Project Task Plan and she explains how many professional organisations miss this vital step.

Keeping the story moving are vital case studies turned into light hearted stories - the story of Mary and her exclusive chocolates, Nigel and his bright, red and deliciously tasting tomatoes and how Joe is facing barriers to his project because his market is smaller.

This book helps you find your career path in selling or your ‘Business Legs’ when going into a new venture.

Interesting, Must Have, Exceptional and Admirable to have pulled so much vital information into one small and simple book.

Pages:        119                       Word Count:        18,402


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