39 Steps & 39 Days To Debt Recovery [Paperback]

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This is a ‘How To’ Book which helps you to overcome debt and gives you the encouragement to find solutions to your money problems; it is a self-empowerment book.

The book has diagrams and explanations which help you to develop mental awareness, if you, follow the suggestions they will help you to manage your money now and in the future.
The author, has herself, experienced the destruction, degradation, depravation and the destruction of self-esteem that debt brings into peoples’ lives.

The journey to self-awareness has taken years of work, writing, research and development, and moving countries to achieve, but this ‘hard-won’ knowledge should save you unnecessary
pain and hardship.


Format:      Paperback          Size:          14.8cm x 21cm

Pages:        106                       Word Count:        20,099


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