Making Cash Flow [Paperback]

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This is a comprehensive book with many illustrations which help people who are working on home budgets, running a small business, or working in a corporation.

In Making Cash Flow, ‘I introduce you to the Financial Existence Panel. This Panel helps you identify where you are now and how to move forward in your thinking and your wealth creation’.

Making CashFlow has been written with the author’s own experiences of managing a business in the grips of a recession.
Making cash flow is a fundamental responsibility for nearly all adults. If you don’t come to grips with how money works, all sorts of headaches, money breakdowns and money chaos follow, whether in the home, workplace, community or country.

Making Cashflow is written in an easy-to understand style which will allow you to look at your money situations differently and become successful through the knowledge you
are working with and have gained.

Christine says, ‘Consider this book as a mental tool and use it appropriately.’



Format:      Paperback          Size:          14.8cm x 21cm

Pages:        328                        Word Count:        56,576

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